Adventure experience gift guide

10 of the best adventure experience gift ideas

If you have an avid adventurer on your holiday gift list, you might be wondering what to get the person who has seen and done it all.  Lucky for you we’ve done the research and come up with a list of unique gift ideas that adventurers will love.  Rather than gifting more “stuff” this Christmas, we have compiled a thrilling list of experiences that deliver good times and great memories:

PORTALEDGE CLIFF CAMPING:  For those with a love of heights and sleeping in wild places, a night on a portaledge, fixed to a rock wall is a pretty impressive gift.  The experience includes an abseil down to the portaledge to marvel at the overnight accommodation, topped off by unbeatable sunrise views.  An experience to never forget!

BANFF MOUNTAIN FILM FESTIVAL 2020 TICKETS or OCEAN FILM FESTIVAL 2020 TICKETS: This economical gift delivers an impressive dose of inspiration and is equally appreciated by your adrenaline loving younger brother as it is by your Uncle Don in Dubbo.  Best of all you don’t even have to move to purchase this one.  Just click on the links and buy right now and avoid the shops.

FORAGING WORKSHOP:  Know someone who loves to learn and be self sufficient? A Foraging workshop will teach them to identify wild edible plants, as well as learn the different plant stories, their nutritional values, their folklore, mystery and history!

CANYONING EXPERIENCE:  Abseil down a rushing waterfall. Jump into the waters of a pool far below. Scramble over river rocks. Rope climb up a cliff wall. Put all these activities together and you’ve got canyoning.  Pretty much the perfect adventure gift.

CAVING COURSE Looking for real adventure? Climb, squeeze and crawl! Great for body, mind, self-confidence, teamwork and for anyone who wants something really different. Such a great gift idea for the adventurous!

TANDEM SKYDIVING or PARAGLIDING: Take Christmas from lame to insane with this epic adventure experience.

KAYAKING COURSE OR GUIDED EXPERIENCE: The ideal gift for the water lover in your life! Whether they are super adventurous and want to hone their whitewater skills or are just starting out and would benefit from a guided kayak tour, there are loads of options to choose from all around Australia!

ESCAPE ROOM: Gift a voucher for an intense hour-long game of adrenaline pumping brain activity!  Even better, give a voucher to everyone in your family or friend circle and go together and test your skills.

CAMPING FOR THE WEEKEND: Do the research and book a campsite on private land, create a CAMPING WEEKEND VOUCHER and surprise your outdoors loving friends and family.  Websites like YouCamp have a great range of camp sites on farms etc that are ideal for bringing people together to connect, get closer to nature and make memories.

SURVIVAL WORKSHOP:   Enhance their knowledge, confidence and connection to nature with a gift voucher for a survival workshop.  (This one has the bonus of giving you a skilled up buddy to head out on adventures with: WIN WIN!)

10 adventure gift ideas

From practical to high adrenaline thrills, these gift experiences are sure to be a hit.
Adventure is for everyone! Life is short, let’s spend it doing the things we love (and avoid the “stuff” overload this Christmas).

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