12 Best Christmas Gifts For The Adventure Lover

12 Best Christmas Gifts for the Adventurer 

Do you ever have trouble thinking of a gift for the adventure lover in your life? Or perhaps you’re looking for some inspo for your own wish list? 

Whatever brings you here today- we’ve got you covered!

The team at Banff Mountain Film festival Australia has curated a list of gifts that are sure not to disappoint this giving season!

1. Australian Geographic Coffee Table Books

Gift the power and inspiration of adventure with a stunning coffee table book from Australian Geographic. Immerse your adventure lover in breathtaking images that capture the essence of exploration and discovery right from their living room. From the vast Australian landscapes to the wonders of the world, these books are a visual feast that will transport your adventure-loving buddy to the heart of thrilling escapades. They’re not just books but journey’s waiting to be explored and stories waiting to be told, making it the perfect gift for those with a passion for the extraordinary.

We recommend this stunning ‘National Parks’ book see it HERE

2. The North Face Training Pack: Gear Up for Epic Outdoor Adventures

Equip your friends for their next outdoor escapade with The North Face training pack. Designed for long hikes and trail runs, this pack is a must-have for adventure enthusiasts. With dedicated pockets for fluids and hiking poles, it ensures they stay hydrated and prepared for any terrain. Give the gift of convenience and functionality, and watch as your buddies conquer new heights with ease.

3. Campers Pantry Freeze-Dried Ice Cream: The Ultimate Adventure Dessert!

Delight your adventure-loving pals with the perfect stocking fillers—Campers Pantry freeze-dried ice cream! Experience the joy of a sweet treat even in the remotest of locations. Compact, delicious, and an ideal companion for any adventure, these freeze-dried delights are sure to bring smiles to faces around the campfire. Make dessert an adventure in itself!

4. Red Bull Spect Sunglasses: See the World in Bold

For those who crave adventure under the sun, gift them Red Bull Spect sunglasses. Crafted for durability and style, these sunglasses not only protect the eyes but also elevate the overall outdoor experience. See the world through lenses designed for adventure, and let your buddies explore with unmatched clarity and confidence.

5. ClimbSkin Hand Cream: Nourish those Climbing Palms!

Climbing is tough on the hands, but ClimbSkin hand cream is here to the rescue. Treat your climbing buddies to the care they deserve with this specially formulated hand cream. Say goodbye to rough and tired hands, and hello to smoother, stronger grips. Give the gift of comfort and protection to those who reach for new heights.

6. Adventure Book Bundle for Climbers: Stories that Scale Peaks

Inspire the climbers in your life with a bundle of gripping adventure books. From tales of triumph to gripping accounts of conquering challenging peaks, this bundle is a literary journey that mirrors the thrill of climbing. Let the stories fuel the passion for adventure and exploration. We recommend this one from Climbing Anchors , or the ever jaw dropping story, ‘K2 The Savage Mountain’ HERE

7. Kayaking Gloves 50 UPF+: Paddle in Style and Protection

For water-loving adventurers, kayaking gloves with 50 UPF+ protection are a game-changer. Gift your kayaking buddies the perfect blend of style and functionality. Whether navigating rapids or enjoying a serene paddle, these gloves provide the grip and sun protection needed for a worry-free adventure on the water. Currently on sale HERE.

8. Banff Mountain Film Festival Tickets: Front Row Seats to Adventure!

Transport your friends into a world of cinematic adventure with tickets to the Banff Mountain Film Festival. Give them the thrill of witnessing epic tales on the big screen—stories that will inspire, awe, and fuel their passion for the great outdoors.

9. Aeropress Go Coffee Maker: Fuel the Adventure

For the adventure-loving coffee enthusiast, the Aeropress Go Coffee Maker is a game-changer. Compact, durable, and capable of brewing the perfect cup anywhere, this coffee maker ensures that your buddies never have to compromise on their caffeine fix, even in the most remote locations.

10. National Parks Pass: Unlimited Access to Nature’s Wonders!

Give the gift of exploration with a National Parks Pass (NSW HERE, WA HERE, QLD HERE, VIC HERE, ACT HERE, NT HERE, TAS HERE). Grant your adventure-loving pals unlimited access to the breathtaking beauty of nature’s wonders. Whether hiking, camping, or simply taking in the scenery, this pass opens the door to a world of outdoor possibilities.

11. Why not wrap your loved ones in the spirit of adventure this Christmas? Gift them Banff Mountain Film Festival T-shirts and Tanks—because nothing says ‘happy holidays’ like wearing the thrill of adventure as a reminder of what your passion is! See HERE for our merch.

12. Or perhaps a pair of comfy, yet fun socks could be what you’re after? This Christmas, gift a touch of Aussie flair with Wilson Payne socks – because down under, even our socks embrace the spirit of home. Unleash the fun and comfort as your loved ones soar through the holiday season with socks that capture the essence of Australia, where it’s perfectly normal to pair them with thongs for an extra dose of festive foot freedom.

13. (Sneaky us adding a bonus one in there) For the adventurous spirit, consider gifting the ultimate relaxation: a pre-paid Adventure Reels TV Gift Voucher. After a day of sun, dirt, and adrenaline, they can unwind on the couch with epic adventure films from the 2023 Banff Film Festival, right at home.

This curated list is a celebration of the spirit of adventure, ensuring that your gifts not only reflect your friends’ and loved ones’ passions but also enhance their outdoor experiences. From breathtaking visuals to practical gear, each item is a gateway to a world where every moment is an opportunity for adventure. So, gear up, step into the wild, and let the exploration begin.

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