Meet your host- Dave Stewart

Meet Your Host: Dave Stewart- The Well- Rounded Adventure Enthusiast

Meet Dave, a seasoned adventurer with a passion for the great outdoors and a career that revolves around it. In this interview with one of our seasoned hosts, Dave takes us on a journey through his experiences hosting screenings for Adventure Reels, sharing his favourite adventures, and revealing his aspirations in the world of live events and sports commentary. With intriguing facts about his life, favourite travel destinations, and bucket list dreams, Dave’s story is sure connect with anyone who has a love for adventure and a thirst for exploration. Join us as we delve into the life of Dave and discover the essence of his adventurous spirit.

Meet your Host: Dave Stewart, the well-rounded adventure enthusiast
Dave Stewart MC’ing ‘Im Still Standing (Last One Standing)’ sports event in Sydney 2024

  1.  Firstly, which screenings do you host?

Mostly NSW. However, I think I have presented Banff, Ocean Film Festival, Radical Reels, & Top Dog Film Festival in almost every venue over the years.

  1. How long have you been working with Adventure Reels?

I have been involved or working for AR for over 12 years, including when I used to sponsor the events with the brands I worked for.

  1. What kinds of adventures do you seek?

A bit of everything! Give me mountains or the ocean, and I’m there! Trail running, hiking, mountain biking, canyoning, backcountry snowboarding, surfing, and let’s not forget adventure camping & 4WD’ing.

4. What sports do you enjoy or what are your hobbies/interests? What goals are you working towards in that space?

Over the last 4 years, I have been forging a career in live event MC & presenting for trail running events. This is now more than a hobby. I’d like to expand this further nationally & maybe one day internationally. I would also like to get into some more adventure sports commentary.

  1. Tell us 3 interesting facts about yourself.

I have two gorgeous girls, Danika & Lucy. I own a big 4WD called BUSTER, and I talk a lot.

  1. What drives/motivates you?

People & the outdoors.

  1. What’s your favourite film/TV show?

Watching live surfing on WSL. Or give me a James Bond, Mission Impossible, or Jason Bourne film any day!

  1. Tell us 3 of your favourite places you’ve travelled to and where’s next on your list?

Such a hard question. Japan, for its culture, food & snow. Slovenia, it has everything – history, lakes, mountains, beach, and it’s a very progressive place. Patagonia was pretty special; it took my breath away. Next, either NZ MTB’ing or Europe chasing mountains.

9. What’s the best part about working for Adventure Reels?

I love the community at each of the different venues. I love travelling & meeting people. I also love the joy the audience gets from the films.

  1. Why should everyone see the Banff Film Festival this year?

There is something for everyone. And it’s great to share the human spirit with other like-minded people.

  1. What’s one thing on your bucket list?

Taking my girls when they are older to hike in Nepal.

  1. Your top tip for adventure lovers/runners/surfers/snowboarders OR what’s your favourite inspirational quote/motto?

Take Gaffa Tape & Zip ties…

You will find Dave hosting screenings in Sydney this year for the Banff Mountain Film Festival! He loves a chat so make sure you go and say Hi

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