Lucy Barnard and Wombat’s Journey to Walk the Length of the World: Conquering South America and Beyond

Lucy Barnard is a woman with a mission: to walk the length of the world, accompanied by her loyal dog, Wombat. On Friday, March 3rd, 2023, she achieved a significant milestone, becoming the first woman to walk the length of South America. Together, Lucy and Wombat have walked an incredible 11,100 kilometers across five different countries. This puts Lucy one significant step closer to achieving her ultimate goal of walking the length of the world, with her final destination being Barrow, Alaska.

Lucy in the rainforests of Panama, starting off the second leg of the trip. Photo credit: Tangles + Tail

Lucy’s journey began back in 2017 when she set out to walk across Argentina, the first country on her list. From there, she went on to Chile, Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia. It was a challenging journey, but Lucy was determined to see it through. She faced countless obstacles along the way, including harsh weather conditions, rough terrain, and dangerous wildlife. But through it all, Lucy and Wombat remained steadfast in their determination to achieve their goal.

Unfortunately, the pandemic in 2020 forced Lucy to put her journey on hold and return home to Australia. During this time, she had to temporarily say goodbye to Wombat and find him a foster home until they could resume the journey in December 2022. It was a difficult decision, but Lucy knew it was the right one.

Lucy and Wombat having some down time on their journey, photo credit: Tangles + Tail

Now, in 2023, Lucy and Wombat are back on the road, continuing their walk to the length of the world up to Alaska. This year, Lucy will be walking across North America, which will be another challenging journey. She will need to cross through a variety of different environments, from the deserts of Mexico to the icy tundra of Alaska. But Lucy is undaunted by the challenges ahead. She knows that with her determination and the support of her loyal companion, she can overcome anything.

How you can support Lucy and Wombat

For those who want to support Lucy on her journey, there is a unique opportunity available. Attendees of the 2023 Banff Mountain Film Festival in Australia can purchase a bracelet at their nearest screening or online (here and here), and $5 of every purchase will go towards assisting Lucy and Wombat. This is an excellent chance to show your support for Lucy’s incredible journey and help her achieve her ultimate goal.

Lucy’s journey is more than just a personal achievement. It is a testament to the human spirit and a reminder that anything is possible if we set our minds to it. Her determination, courage, and perseverance inspire us all to reach for our dreams, no matter how challenging they may seem.

Lucy’s journey has also had a significant impact on those around her. She has inspired countless people to follow their dreams and pursue their passions, no matter what obstacles they may face. Her journey has shown us that with hard work, determination, and a little bit of courage, we can achieve anything we set our minds to.

As Lucy and Wombat continue on their journey, we wish them all the best. We are inspired by their determination and their unwavering commitment to achieving their goal. We look forward to following their journey and seeing where their next steps take them. And we encourage everyone to show their support for Lucy and Wombat by purchasing a bracelet at the Banff Mountain Film Festival and helping them achieve their dream of walking the length of the world.

Follow the Journey

Follow Lucy’s instagram page to be kept up to date on their trip, at @tanglesandtail

Follow Lucy’s Facebook account: Tangles + Tail

Follow Lucy on YouTube: Lucy Barnard

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