TRAILBLAZER, PIONEER, ADVENTURER, MOUNTAIN CLIMBER, POLAR EXPLORER, WRITER & MOTHER Myrtle Simpson is a name you won’t see in too many history books, despite her long standing history as pioneer in the outdoors. Her adventures were remarkable for many reasons, including the fact that she [...]


A WEE BIKE RIDE AROUND SCOTLAND WITH DANNY MACASKILL If you asked Danny MacAskill to babysit your child, would you expect anything less than a cross country expedition, over mountains, over lakes, popping wheelies and doing flips... Well that's exactly what happened when Danny [...]


CHANGING UP A MORNING ROUTINE IN THE FRENCH ALPS Richard Permin is not your average skier. In the Banff Mountain Film Festival film, Good Morning, we see Richard expertly navigate the rooftops of Avoriaz (in the French Alps) to get his morning baguette. At only 4 [...]


LIVING LIFE LARGE AT 82? “NO PROBLEM!” Jacques Houot (pronouced ‘oooo ohh’) is an age-defying athlete. Some are even convinced that he’s found the fountain of youth! In the Banff Mountain Film Festival film, The Frenchy, we see 82-year-old Jacques live life with no thoughts [...]

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