Top 5 adventure photographers to follow on Instagram

Inspiration can be found all around us! This world is full of incredible places, being explored by incredible people, who generously take their time to share their findings online. It’s amazing to think that an app like Instagram, has the ability to take us to Antarctica with one photo, the Sahara the next, we can watch a video from the top of Mt Everest or scroll a series of photos to uncover the very depths of the sea. For the days when we can’t get out there and experience it ourselves, Instagram is a great way to bring the adventure to us!

We’ve pulled together a list of the top 5 adventure photographers to follow on Instagram, in the hopes that their adventure will give you a daily dose of inspiration and a jolt of motivation to get out there!

Let’s take a look…

Ben Tibbetts @bentibbettsphotography

In addition to being an accomplished alpine photographer, adventure photographer, artist, and mountain guide, Ben has also been a featured photographer for the Banff Mountain Film Festival. One of his shots has been the ‘hero’ shot of the festival for 2 years running, which you might recognise from the front cover of our programs and also the big screen! His instagram profile is full of adventurous images mostly involving snow laden mountains and and people trekking along them. He’ll convince you to go and climb the most beautiful peaks, just by following everything he puts up!

John Price @johnpricephotography

John is an Aussie boy from Canberra, who currently calls Canada home. He’s been actively climbing and photographing ice, rock and alpine ascents all over the world for the last 6 years and building not only a strong suite of photos and experiences but a reputation for being a really good guy! You also might recognise his work from the Banff Mountain Film Festival, as he has been a featured photographer as well and had one of his photos chosen to represent the festival all over the world. On his feed you’ll find photographs of well-known adventurers doing what they do best, and captured so expertly by John and his talent!

Paul Zizka @paulzizkaphoto

An award-winning mountain landscape and adventure photographer and author, Paul is one of the best! His Instagram profile shows a wide variety of landscapes as well as adventurous activities, as we see him join in on hikes, kayaking trips, camping in the snow and polar plunging, to name a few! He tries to capture the “under-documented” wherever he is and you can tell how special that mission is when you look at his photos – he finds the most breathtaking places to shoot.

Rach Stewart @rachstewartnz

One of our personal favourites, Rach Stewart has just a beautiful way of capturing the world around her. Her images are always gorgeous and her use of long-exposure is always expertly placed. Rach is based in Mount Maunganui, in New Zealand and you’ll find most of her shots really show off her beautiful homeland in a way that is unique to her.

Jody MacDonald @jodymacdonaldphoto

An award winning photographer, Jody has a wide range of experience under her belt which shows in her Instagram! You’ll be inspired by the people she’s met, the places she’s been, the adventures she’s documented and the way in which her spontaneity and spirit of adventure shines through her images. She is a true outdoors woman having sailed around the world twice through various modes of transport and having traveled to over 90 countries, and counting! Her goal is to preserve wild places, and if her Instagram is anything to go off, she is doing a good job at finding incredibly wild and beautiful places to spread the word on conservation.

Who’s your favourite? Is there anyone we missed? Tell us in the comments below who your favourite adventure photographer to follow on Instagram is!!

Until then, happy adventuring!!

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