Get to know your tour host Emma Hutton

Meet Your Host: Emma Hutton – Die Hard Snowboarder

Meet Emma Hutton, another of our incredible tour hosts. Emma is one heck of an adventure girl who loves tall mountains and deep snow! Half the year she hosts for us all over Australia and the other half… adventuring in another country of course!

Enjoy these 10 questions with Em and get to know the crazy cool adventures she has on the horizon. She is so stoked to see you all at the Canberra, Brisbane, Noosa, Gold Coast and Brunswick Heads screenings this May.

Emma Hutton is happiest on a Mountain

  1. What kinds of adventures do you seek?

I’m happiest when on a mountain! Whether I’m hiking up or snowboarding down, I love seeing the views from the top and experiencing the climb to get there. 

2. What sports do you enjoy or what are your hobbies/ interests? What goals are you working towards in that space?

I am obsessed with snowboarding and am fortunate enough to enjoy my passion as my profession! Ive been working as a snowboard instructor and coach for 10 winters and think its the best job in the world. I’m currently obsessed with spending my days off exploring the backcountry on my splitboard and earning my turns on the mountain. 

3. Tell us 3 interesting facts about yourself

  1. My next goal is to become certified as a CASI level 4, meaning I’m a fully certified instructor, can train other instructors of all levels, and certify new instructors! 
  1. I’m also working towards improving my guiding skills, avalanche knowledge, and aiming to equip myself with the skill set to do multi day backcountry expeditions as well as camp in the mountains! 
  1.  I’m half Canadian and Half Australian. I’ve been a snowboard instructor since I was 15. I’ve grown up riding horses and competing in show jumping! The biggest i’ve jumped is 165cm, almost as tall as me! 
Emma was once a horse show jumper
Emma was once a horse show jumper

4. What drives/ motivates you?

 Im driven by a desire to learn about the world around me and improve myself every day. Whether it’s learning about a new culture, improving a skill or becoming a better instructor i feel motivated to pour energy into whatever makes my goals possible. 

5. What’s your favourite film/ tv show?

I loved the film The Gentlemen! It’s the only film i’ve ever watched multiple times at the  cinema and was absolutely hooked by the story’s twists and turns. 

6. Tell us 3 of your favourite places you’ve travelled to and where’s next on your list?

 1. It’s a biassed opinion, but my favourite place i’ve travelled to is Canada! The scenery is incredible and I’m constantly in awe of the mountains and lakes. 

2. I’ve spent the 2023/24 winter living in Japan! The food, culture, snow and people are unlike anywhere else in the world and it’s been a very special experience getting to call Japan home. 

3. Cambodia! When I was 16 I went on a humanitarian trip to Cambodia, spent time teaching English in an orphanage and saw beautiful temples. This was a fantastic cultural experience and I’d love to go back one day. 

Where to next?! I’ve got flights booked to London! I’ll be heading to Cornwall, eating Cornish pasties, drinking Guinness, and going on some hikes by the sea side. 

7. What’s the best part about working for Adventure Reels?

Can i say everything?! I love being a part of a team who brings outdoor adventure lovers together. Meeting guests at each screening and hearing about their favourite film, their adventures and how they’ve been inspired by this years line up of films! 

8. Why should everyone see the Banff Mountain Film Tour this year?

If you’ve been looking for inspiration to book your next trip, go do that hike, swim in that river, try a new sport, this is it!! I always leave screenings feeling energised, inspired and hyped up on life. This years tour has something for everyone and will get your heart pumping, adrenaline flowing, and show you some of the most exciting adventures from around the world. 

9. What’s one thing on your bucket list?

I’ve set myself the goal to compete in a Freeride World Tour competition! I’ve watched a few of my friends jump into the world of competitive free riding in this last year and will be working towards making this a reality for myself too! Big mountains, high adrenaline and a community of hard core people are up there on my bucket list! 

Okay – wow

She'll be comin' down the mountain when she comes
She’ll be comin’ down the mountain when she comes

10. What’s your favourite inspirational quote/ motto?

One of my closest friends always tells me “we can do hard things!”. Whenever I encounter a challenge, feel nervous, defeated or unsure, I can hear her telling me that “we can do hard things!!”. Your brain and your body is capable of so much more than you think, so keep pushing through the hard moments and see where you go! 

What are you waiting for?! Get your tickets now! See Emma at the following screenings: Canberra, Brisbane, Noosa, Gold Coast and Brunswick Heads ….and say HI!

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