The Adventurous Jonesy’s

Are you ready for an adventure…with a one-year-old??

You might already be familiar with one of the Jonesy’s… Justin, to be specific. He’s the ‘Jonesy’ half of ‘Cas & Jonesy’ and has been adventuring his whole life. These teen sensations set the pace for NEW adventure and giving things a go, no matter what your age or experience.

Whether it’s trekking through the snow or moving across oceans in kayaks, Justin’s always up for an adventure. Since those days of teenage adventuring, Justin has continued to adventure, only this time, it’s with his wife, Lauren.

When the idea came up to take their, then one-year-old daughter Morgan on an adventure with them. Neither Justin nor Lauren could’ve anticipated what would come, when undertaking a 1,800 km walk across the Outback. But if anyone can get through it, it’s the Jonesy’s!!

In addition to the film of their trip, Lauren kept an account of their experiences and in a time when COVID has put a halt to many opportunities to adventure, her account sounds truly idyllic… flies and all… they were in the outback and experiencing everything that the land had to offer, the good and the bad, the hard and the reward.

“There was no-one around us for hundreds of miles – beside the flies swarming my face. … My 16-month-old daughter, Morgan, was toddling by my side as I finished setting up the tent, happily picking up rocks and exploring the Mars-like surroundings. In that moment I realised I had found a new sense of contentment, happiness and self-reliance that had eluded me my whole adult life up until that point, or maybe I had just never slowed down enough to recognise it.

Our adventure hadn’t always felt this idyllic. The reality, until then, was often far from it. When we decided to walk 1,800km, roughly halfway across Australia, through the outback, with a toddler in tow, I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but I had no idea how hard, yet life-altering it would be.”

Since that incredible journey, the Jonesys have been on an adventure of another kind… and in some ways, this adventure requires more endurance, adaptability and stamina than the adventures you meticulously plan.

They welcomed another daughter to their family (named, Dylan), recently moved to Tasmania (hello farm life!), been ISO-baking and starting a new adventure initiative (Adventure Thinking LIVE) amongst all that life inevitably brings on its own.

The Jonesy’s are a perfect example of putting the WHY behind all that you do. When they decided that they wanted to find a different way to live, to walk their own path through life, be it the outback or at home, they wanted to keep adventure at the heart of everything they do as individuals and as a family.

If it’s a matter of keeping up with the Joneses or keeping up with the Jonesy’s?? I pick the Jonesy’s!!

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